reading informational and motivational books, powerpoint presentation help

Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice. It can be on your hobbies, work, or anything you feel passionate about. Each presentation should contain the following:

  • Five slides
  • First slide should be the title of the presentation and your name
  • A title on each slide which is centered
  • Text
  • A Design theme
  • Bullet points on at least two slides
  • A Design theme
  • An image on at least one slide
  • One slide transition applied to all slides
  • Slide notes in slide 1 include last name and GID number
  • Slide notes to provide more information for slides 2 through 5

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment

The goal is to show that you understand specifically how to create a presentation.  Please remember that presentations are not supposed to be a reading assignment for the audience but rather main points for the speaker to address.  The slide notes help the speaker as well as others who receive the presentation later. Have fun!

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