Reading Response, communications assignment help

1. This assignment requires you to write a summery/response to the Reading: 2013 American Journalist in the Digital Age Key Findings.

2. The required minimum word count is 500. No multimedia element is required in this assignment. In brief, this Reading discusses 21 key findings of the industry. You are required to select five of the key points and respond to them.  

In your original response, consider the following:

  • Introduction 
  • Summary point one; agree/disagree, why
  • Summary point two; agree/disagree, why
  • Summary point three; agree/disagree, why
  • Summary point four; agree/disagree, why
  • Summary point five; agree/disagree, why
  • Conclusion

In summary, an introduction includes your thesis and or summary. Then, each body paragraph summarizes one point and responds to it. Lastly, the conclusion wraps up the response.

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