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Recommandation Part “15-20 Page Paper” and “15-20 min Presentation PowerPoint With Speaker Note”

Please see Picture which is attached professor said we need to focus in these things. We have to find 4 Major things to recommend it. Idea should be from our paper and our analysis. You will find feedback on internal part which is attached As “Team4”

These is paper Guild line >>>>>

Recommendations The third major section of the paper is the Recommendations. These are your recommendations a s group about what you think the company should do to improve its competitive position.

This section should have the following three subsections:

  • Start this section out by reviewing the critical strategic issues facing the firm. This is where the SWOT analysis comes together since these strategic issues should be based on your previously identified opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. Use the bulleted lists at the end of the Industry and Company Analyses to develop a SWOT table and discuss the implications of the table. Be clear about which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you are focusing on in the recommendations.
  • Based on the SWOT table, offer clear and realistic recommendations in order of priority (present recommendations in order of perceived importance). Since the client has specified the key issue to be considered here you should start with the recommendation and fully develop your plan for this recommendation.

In particular, proposing the recommendations involves two parts:

  • Explain why you are making the recommendation (for each recommendation: what opportunity, threat, strength or weakness are you trying to address?) and be specific about what you are recommending that the firm do. The recommendation must be tangible not a theoretical idea the firm might want to consider. This means you need to include cost estimates or savings estimates.
  • Each recommendation must also be supported by an Action Plan. Prioritize recommendations and address what (specifically) must be done to implement recommendations. For example, include:

Remember that a strategic recommendation must be valuable to the company. It must either generate new revenue or reduce costs. You are working with a real company with real problems. Your recommendations must therefore be practical and realizable and based on a thorough and meaningful analysis. That is, the firm should be able to act on your recommendations to improve its bottom line.

  • what are the actual steps needed to implement these recommendations?
  • who will take these actions?
  • what is the time frame to implement each recommendation?
  • what resources will need to be allocated to the implement the recommended change? (how many more people will this take? how much will it cost?)
  • Where possible, include information about names of companies that may help the client implement your recommendations. For example, if you are recommending a new or different web page, include the names of web designers the firm might call and provide cost information.

3.Conclude this section with a summary of your recommendations and an overall time line for implementation of all your recommendations. What should the firm do and when? How long will it take to implement each recommendation?

So, list the recommendations in order of when the company should start to implement them (this may be different from your order of perceived importance because you may recommend that the company undertake some quicker, less expensive steps before tacking bigger steps) and estimate how long you think it will take to accomplish each recommendation.

Writing Guidelines

  • Incorporate “hard” data in your analysis where appropriate. General and qualitative statements must be supported by specific data from your research and you must cite the source of your supporting data using APA style. The source of your data is not the web site address. In the references, you can supply the address but cites should consist of the author and page number (or the title and the page number if no author is available) and should immediately follow the information you referenced. If you prefer to use footnotes or endnotes that is also acceptable but be consistent throughout the paper.

If you do use footnotes or endnotes, you still must include an alphabetical list of references at the end of the paper. Check various style guides, pick one and use it consistently throughout your list of references. In general, references should contain the author, the title of the article, the name of the publication, and the date the article was published. Do not include sources on your reference list if you do not cite them in your paper.

I urge you to be careful with cites. You must cite your sources for ideas that are not your own and are not general knowledge. Also, be careful to give credit where you directly include quotes from other sources but avoid overuse of quotes. Do not use quotes that are 4 or 5 lines long. You should be able to paraphrase and synthesize the opinions and research of others.

Again, in addition to cites throughout the paper, a complete list of references should be included at the end of the text but before the appendix. The references or Works Cited Page should be in alphabetical order.

  • Papers must be well organized. This means you should have a general introduction that clearly states what the paper is about and each of the three sections should have an introduction with a well-defined thesis statement that serves to guide the reader through each section.
  • Be concise, specific, and grammatically correct in your statements. Do not forget to read the final report for form and content. Do not just rely on “spell check”. Pay particular attention to:
  • The body of the report must be written in narrative form using complete sentences (i.e., not in an outline format). Bullets and other formatting techniques may be used sparingly.
  • Please use 1.5 spacing at least.
  • Please number the pages. Note that you should put the numbers in the top right corner. The paper you will print the final copy on to deliver to the client has a footer centered on the bottom of the page.
  • An unlimited number of appendices are allowed but the exhibits must be your own tables and graphs. Do not photocopy tables from other sources to include in your report or attach articles in the appendix. Exhibits, which should be mostly located in the appendix, must be clearly titled (i.e. “EXHIBIT 1: Company Sales Trends) and reflect the source of the information in the exhibit. You must reference the exhibits in the body of your report. Do not just add information in the appendix that has not been discussed in the text.
  • Submission policy: Every written assignment must be submitted to BB on the day and time that they are due. Late papers are not acceptable. A 10% penalty will be levied for each 24 hour period after the due date.

I strongly urge you to use headings for the three major sections of the paper and headings for the various subsections within the industry and company reports. Use topic sentences within sections to further organize and present your position and don’t be afraid to use paragraphs!

A detailed Table of Contents is also required.

  • The thesis statement and a well-organized paper.
  • Typographical errors.
  • Sentence structure.
  • Paper format. Following the organization established in the introduction, use headings and paragraph breaks to make the paper easy to follow and read.
  • Overuse of possessives (its, their). Relate your comments to the company or the top managers.
  • Subject-verb agreement (they have vs. they has)
  • Do not refer to companies with personal pronouns such as they, them or their.
  • For team papers, do not use the word “I”, focus on the team.
  • Do not use the passive voice. Do not use colloquial language. Be professional and straightforward.

If you need help with your writing, I will be happy to provide guidance or I can refer you to the Saunders Writing Center.

  • Papers must be word-processed and look professional. You are encouraged to use the available database, spreadsheet, and graphics programs in the preparation of the report and exhibits. Drafts of the paper can be stapled together but for the final version (the version to be delivered to the client), please do not bind your project. Please submit all documents as word documents, not in a pdf or txt format.
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