Remember The Titans of Business Conflict and Ethics assignment help

Based on the movie Remember the Titans and a minimum of 2 pages for each part answer the following.

Part A

  • Based on the definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR), was the decision to make him the head coach appropriate? Are there other examples of CSR that you noted in the film? 
  • At the Hall of  Fame Nominee dinner, Titus tells Coach-Yoast of the plot to remove Coach Boone.  Then later Yoast faces the referees throwing the game.  What is the ethical dilemma for Coach Yoast?  Were there any alternatives Yoast had? 

Part B

When Ray does not block and Rev suffers the injury Gerry had to make two critical decisions, first to tell Coach Boone, and then to address the issue with Ray.  Compare the six steps in the decision-making process with the process that Bertier used to resolve the situation.  State how Gerry Bertier used each of the following steps in the decision-making process:

Step 1:Acknowledging that there is a problem and a decision needs to be made
Step 2:Listing alternatives
Step 3:Evaluating alternatives
Step 4:Choosing among alternatives
Step 5:Implementing the selected option
Step 6:Learning from feedback

Part C

  • Based on effective leadership characteristics, how would you rate Coach Boone, Coach Yoast, Gerry Bertier, and Julius Campbell as leaders?
  • Discuss any similarities/differences you see in their leadership and management styles. Explain your answer.
  • What management and leadership styles and theories, observed in this film, do you consider most valuable to your desired management style? Which are most detrimental? Explain your answers.

Part D

  • Using Coach Boone or Yoast as an example, identify situations where either man demonstrated the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling).
  • Identify the diversity challenges that Coach Boone had to face by coming into the head-coaching role. 
  • Walk through the six decision-making steps to determine if you would have made the same decision as Coach Boone to leave the decision to kick Ray off of the team to Gerry.
  • What leadership qualities did the Coaches demonstrate to be able to bring the team together to win the championship? 

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