Research Paper Warm Up Article Review computer science homework help

The Internet is an increasingly important part of everyday life that most of us take for granted.  Consider what would happen if the entire Internet went down for a month…or if all your Instagram pictures were deleted 🙁  To try and wrap our heads around this, we must first have an idea of how it all got started. 

This assignment is twofold: read a very interesting and thorough article about the origins of the Internet and to practice “digesting” an article for use in a research paper in the proper APA format and style. 


  1. Read the following article: A Flaw in the Design (Links to an external site.).
  2. Refer to OWL, Purdue’s Online Writing Resource center. This will be your go to reference for completing your research paper and for jumping right to a specific topic for help.  Here is a sample paper (Links to an external site.)& another helpfulstarting page (Links to an external site.) on OWL.
  3. Prepare a Microsoft Word document in APA style with the following:a.) A Title page (see the links from step 2) 

    b.) An Abstract page that does not have to be a summary like you would normally see in an abstract BUT three pairs of statements: One sentence that refers to a specific part of the article with a citation and one sentence that you write a related research topic from the statement.  Here is an example. 

    First I would write a statement referring to the article:

    In an article featuring the viewpoints of many of the engineers who contributed to the development of the Internet, Timberg (1995) depicted that the cornerstones of the Internet’s usefulness and success – speed, transparency, and openness – are also reasons for its vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. 

    Then I would write a related topic: 

    Building on this idea, a research study that compares people’s willingness to share their personal data or opinion on social media versus their level of risk tolerance would be of interest to highlight the challenges of openness versus vulnerability.

    Note in my example that I use the proper in-line citation style for the article and the proper past tense or present perfect tense  (Links to an external site.)for past writings (“depicted”). In my topic idea I relate the general idea of the duality of the Internet to a specific topic that I may want to study.  Spoiler alert: the best topics have clear research constructs (the things I am measuring in my study): willingness to share and risk tolerance are the two in my study. Maybe I’d have people fill out a survey and then give them a score on each. 

    Maybe you will find your research topic in this exercise. Even if you do not, this is designed to help you get into the mindset of finding a topic by reading; your textbook, the news, long-form journalism articles, or other sources.  

    c.) A references page that will just have the citation for the article.  

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