Resource Economics and Environmental Economics, homework help

The paper based on either or both films below

1. Topic:  Resource EconomicsFilm:  Wall E  (98 minutes). 

    Reading: Hardin, Garrett, “The Tragedy of the Commons” Science 162(1968) pp. 1243-1248 .

    Ostrem, Elanor, et al “Revisiting the Commons ”Science April 1999 pp 278-282

2. Topic: Environmental Economics. Film:  A Civil Action  (115 minutes). 

    Reading:  Coase, Ronald H.  “The Problem of Social Cost” Journal of Law and Economics 

   Oct. 1960 pp. 1 – 44

The papers should discuss the relevant economic content of the films, preferably as they relate to the readings and class discussion.  They should not be critical reviews of the films themselves. They should be double-spaced and use twelve-point type.  You may choose your own font.  Papers should be between 500 and 1000 words long.  Spelling and grammar count

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