Respond on the Two Questions About Income Disparity


Is there an income disparity based on gender at Bank of America? 


Discusses what ethical considerations must be taken into account for this study.

Discusses what other issues you might face in actually trying to conduct this research.


Ethical Considerations in this Study

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Here you want to discuss ethical matters as they apply to this specific research proposal. The topic here is NOT general business ethics.  The topic here is also not ethical matters that pertain to the business operations or company practices you might be investigating.  This section is to focus on ethical matters associated with conducting this research project.  Spend some time here thinking about what you know about the ethical actions of the sponsor, researcher, and participants covered in Week 1.  Use the material posted for you in the Course Materials Forum.  You may not be able to “fix” all of these potential issues as they apply to your specific research plan, but you at least have to let the sponsors of the research know what you anticipate might be of concern.

Other Barriers or Limitations to the Proposed Research

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There are going to be flaws in your design. Some studies are just more difficult to conduct than others.  You need to be sensitive to issues that might occur as you conduct your research and you need to express them truthfully to your sponsors and later the users of your research.  You will handle problems throughout the study, and you need to start thinking about them in the early stages of planning. Some things you will be able to address, others you will need to recognize will not be able to be corrected.  At a minimum you need to discuss the impact certain issues or limitations might have on your study.

For example, if I intend to study a very sensitive topic with employees I need to recognize there may be some reluctance on the part of the participants to be completely honest with the interviewer.  You might have difficulty locating appropriate participants, or you might have problems finding a location, or funding for the study.  You can talk about potential areas for bias as well (especially your own if you are the one conducting the research about something you are passionate about).  You may have difficulties actually operationalizing or measuring the variable(s) of interest. 

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