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Address why you feel their approach to convincing the client to try therapy will or will not work. Give at least 1 positive comment. If you disagree, be sure to explain why.

Student paper down below:

I have been tasked with completing initial assessments within a youth-oriented agency, particularly for adolescents between the ages of thirteen and seventeen years of age. I will be providing two different styles of assessments that might be used and is ranging from the clients first visit assessment to an assessment for gathering psychosocial history, along with an assessment to diagnose and refer each client for treatment. An assessment is a means of gathering information and is done in both formal and informal ways such as with written tests and questioners or to simply observe and have a conversation with the client. The client’sinitial visit assessment would be known as a Psychosocial Interview.

A psychosocial interview assessment helps me to gather information about the client in a more non-formal manner and allows the client to get to know a little about our agency so that he or she will feel more at ease and open to our services. The way in which I would utilize this assessment is to start by asking the prospective client about his or her family. Whether or not he or she had any siblings, what was his or her family atmosphere like while growing up in their home, and if he or she feels welcome in their home. I would also ask about the prospective client’s appetite, if he or she has any nutritional issues and how well they sleep to determine if the client is having other underlying issues or physical complaints at the moment. The benefit of this assessment is that it allows me to get a better look at the history of the client and his or her family. The drawback of this assessment is that some questions do open the client up to emotions that he or she may not be ready to discuss at the time because I may not completely have his or her trust (CTU, 2018).

Another assessment that I would use to open this prospective client up to our services is a Behavioral Assessment that would provide an idea and overview of an identified behavior. In this case, the behavior would be petty theft. This assessment would include an analysis of the mutually related, preceding elements of this particular behavior as well as the consequences of this behavior. I would utilize this assessment as a clinical behavioral assessment to provide a clear and concise intervention plan that the therapist and family members will use to work with this client. One benefit of this assessment is that it is very thorough and careful consideration is given to different factors in order to create a detailed plan with specific strategies for changing the client’s behavior (The Center for Emotional Health, 2016). A potential drawback for this type of assessment would be the assessor’s level of training and expertise as this influences the reliability and validity of a behavior assessment.


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