Response Analysis Complete this project assignment in which you analyze data from a revision of the.

Response Analysis
Complete this project assignment in which you analyze data from a revision of the survey fielded in June 2012. The survey once again was given to a random sample of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concertgoers attending a free concert, since the free concert seemed to be a good awareness-building tool. Not all the original questions were asked; the data file (linked in the Resources) contains the data from those that were.
Prepare an analysis of the data using Excel. You may create any pivot tables or cross tabulate any information you think is appropriate. Your data compilation must include at least one ANOVA or regression analysis or any other quantitative analysis appropriate for the assignment (feel free to include more than one). Submit the data tables and charts that you have created. Feel free to use any of the Excel functions to construct the information most helpful to the orchestra. As you start this part of the project, be sure to review the data files to ensure that they do not contain errors. If you find problems in the data itself, decide how to handle these appropriately.
An analysis of the data is not required this week; that is part of your Week 6 activities.
The assignment due this week includes tables copied to a Word document, as well as general commentary on any adjustments you may have made to the data tables themselves and how or why these were made.
This assignment will be scored on the following criteria:
• Compile data for analysis.
• Complete a data compilation or regression analysis.
• Analyze data to identify and address problems.
• Prepare a data set for analysis.
Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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