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Part 1

Your final paper is a case study that gives a background of reverse logistics, an overview of your chosen company to research, and the formula of the product life cycle within that company. During Week 4, you will focus on return management.

Utilize your work from Weeks 1–3, and incorporate the feedback that you have received from your instructor and your peers throughout the course. Your case study should summarize the various elements from Weeks 1–3.

Part 1

Week 1

  • Provide a company overview.
  • Give a summary of the financials.
  • Discuss the financials relating to distribution costs or volume.
  • Give your opinion on the overall health of the organization.
  • Discuss any opportunities that may lie in the supply chain.

Week 2

  • Include a summary of the stages of the product life cycle both forward and backward.
  • Focus in on how the stages of the product life cycle relate to this particular company.

Week 3

  • Discuss the history of reverse logistics.
  • Give an explanation of the elements that are under the reverse logistics umbrella.
  • Where do you see reverse logistics as a field 20 years from now?

Part 2

Research articles and journals on reverse logistics, and provide an in-depth look at the following:

  • What are the top 3 factors in returns management that can negatively impact a company?
  • How can reverse logistics turn the negative into a positive for each main point?
  • Provide examples and supporting documentation.

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