RFID standards computer science homework help

Submit a 4 page research paper on the RFID standards which apply to your selected industry.  If there are no specific standards that you think apply to your selected industry then research how an existing RFID standard could be modified to support your selected industry.  This paper will be graded using the rubric available under the syllabus section.  The grade will be included in the final class grade and will provide the student with the opportunity to receive feedback similar to the final paper.  This research will be necessary to complete the final paper. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED ON THE SYLLABUS.

 topic i choose is hydroelectric power industry.

check list that to be in the paper

Final Paper Checklist

What is the problem in my industry?

General description of the business problem

Overview of RFID

Business justification

Benefits and Disadvantages


Security Concerns



Impact of Implementation

Description of administrative procedures – Human and Process changes

Changes in Organization Policies or Enhancements

Training requirements

Maintenance of the system

the document should be like contunation to the document attached

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