Russian and Yakuza OC, law homework help

Note: Each question response should be “minimum” of 750 words of content (does not count references and or restating a question) and include “at least” two different and properly referenced sources, in accordance with APA 6th edition.

1. Discuss Russian organized crime in the U.S. As a minimum, your answer should include a break down of the “typical” Russian organized crime member and what you propose the U.S. can and should do to counter this very real and significant organized crime threat. Thoroughly support your comments with referenced data and or referenced real life examples (please no opinions only).

2. Report what your research tell us about the “Yakuza”. A well-written post will include discussions of (a) background, (b) rituals, and (c) relationship with the police. Also as part of your response provide your personal assessment (with referenced support) as to whether or not the Yakuza has a largely positive and or negative impact on Japanese society. Thoroughly defend you view.

IF you have access to online articles, libraries, or web based scholarly sites you may can find these articles to aid in. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY SOURCES SO PLEASE DO NOT SOLEY RELY ON THIS.

Gragert, B. A. (2010). Yakuza: The warlords of Japanese organized crime. Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law, 4(1), Article 9.

Ortner, D. (2016). Cybercrime and punishment: The Russian Mafia and Russian responsibility to exercise due diligence to prevent trans-boundary cybercrime. Brigham Young University Law Review, 2015(1), p177-217

Shelley, L. I. (n.d.). Post-Soviet organized crime implications for economic, social and political development.

Wang, P. (2013). The rise of the Red Mafia in China: a case study of organized crime and corruption in Chongqing. Trends Organ Crim, 16:49–73. doi 10.1007/s12117-012-9179-8

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