Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Write a paper that describes the main aspects of the regulatory environment which will protect the public from fraud within corporations, Pay particular attention to SOX requirements.

Required Elements:

  • No more than 1400 words
  • Specifically evaluate whether SOX will be effective in avoiding future frauds.
  • Format consistent with APA guidelines

Grading Rubric

1.  Content(60% of total points)

  1.  Evaluates the effect of regulation on ethical behavior.(50%)

Demonstrates an unusually sharp insight into the material at a mastery level.

  2.  Demonstrates an understanding of the regulatory environment.(50%)

Demonstrates an unusually sharp insight into the material at a mastery level.

2.  Organization(20% of total points)

  1.  The paper is organized in a logical and coherent manner. Transitions are used to improve flow.(100%)

Paper is fully organized in a logical and coherent manner; transitions are smooth and flow seamlessly from one point to the next

3.  Mechanics(20% of total points)

  1.  The author uses correct grammar and spelling. Format and citations are consistent with APA rules.(33.33%)

Virtually no errors in grammar and spelling; virtually all format and citations consistent with APA rules

  2.  Valid research is used to appropriately support the content. References to sources are used when required.(33.33%)

Valid research is consistently used to support content; references to sources are consistently used when required

  3.  Components of the assignment instructions are followed (number of examples, paper length, etc.)(33.33%)

Assignment instructions are consistently followed; examples provided exceed requirements

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