Science Energy Sources in the State of California

write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper that explains where the energy in your state comes from and offers an opinion about the future direction your state should take for energy consumption. Make sure your opinion is supported by your research and balances the considerations of environmental impact, cost, and availability of resources.

Be sure to include the following information in your letter:

  • Address the letter to the editor of a local newspaper.
  • Identify the three energy sources most used in your state.
  • Discuss the influence of cost and availability on your state’s statistics.
  • Describe how each energy source impacts the local environment.
  • Explain your opinion of how your state could improve the use of energy.
  • Support your opinion with at least five facts from your research.
  • End the letter with a closing and your signature.

Use the link below to view the quick facts section and analyze the consumption by source graph to guide you with the letter.


1.Identify 3 energy sources – The letter identifies 3 of the most widely used energy sources that are currently being used in CA.

2. Environmental Impact: Fully describes the environmental impact of each of the 3 energy sources identified in the first part of the letter

3. Economic impact; Fully describes the economic impact of each of the 3 energy sources identified in the first part of the letter

4. Support your opinion. Opinion is clearly stated and at least 5 facts that support the opinion are included.

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