scientific journal articles for review ecology homework help


I have two more of those scientific journal articles for review that I was wondering if you’d be able to assist me with. Thank you in advance. Both don’t have to be completed by Friday, only one does. I will send you a request for the other later today.

you are to pick an ecology article published in an ecology journal or science journal and you are to review the article just like someone would review a movie, but from the perspective of a well-educated scientist. Your hypothetical audience will be other well-educated scientists.No page limit, but has to be double spaced. Preferable 5 pages.

discuss the following: What was the article about? What was the hypothesis examined by the researchers (if there was one)? How did they conduct their research? What were their results and conclusions? Provide your own critical analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the article, Did you like the article and did you agree with the authors’ conclusions? Are the conclusions derived logically from the data/evidence presented? How effective was the article in communicating its main idea? What problems were left unsolved? What possibilities does the article suggest for future research?

5) BONUS: Did you use other references to back-up your arguments? This is not necessary for full marks but it certainly does help achieve higher grades; consider it as a bonus for going above and beyond what is expected, and for using a scientific approach to back-up your personal critical analysis of the paper you reviewed. 

due by 5 p.m. Central Time 10/07/2016

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