Servant Leadership DB, management homework help

Chapter 10 (Leadership T & P) – Servant Leadership
Chapter 11 (Leadership T & P) – Adaptive Leadership

Chapter 10 (IBM) – Uncovering the Gem

Go to the Student Resources pages for Northouse’s Leadership: Theory and Practice Seventh Edition (

Please read Chapters 10 and 11 in Leadership, Theory and Practice and Chapter 10 in The Imperfect Board Member.

Class Participation – Discussion Forum

Please review the Class Participation Policy located in the Course Essentials section of the syllabus for this course. Learners are expected to have weekly interaction with the Faculty Mentor as well as with other Learners through class participation in the Class Discussion Forum. Learners must post to the Course Discussion Forum at least once each week. The post should be a direct response to the topic for the week and include brief commentary on the posts of other classmates. Your post must be substantial and thoughtful and be a minimum of 250 words. It is recommended that you write your post in Word to track your word count and then copy and paste it into the discussion forum space in the course syllabus.

Go to the Student Resources pages for Northouse’s Leadership: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition, Chp 10, Sage Readings (  Read Article 5, Servant leadership: A review and synthesis, from the Journal of Management.

There are three questions associated with this reading.  Use these questions as a starting point for a discussion with your classmates on Servant Leadership and how you might use this leadership theory.

Questions that apply to this article:

  1. Describe the historical development of servant leadership as outlined in this article.
  2. How are concepts from Leader-Member Exchange theory incorporated into the development of servant leadership?
  3. How is leader motivation to serve incorporated into the servant leadership model? How is this consistent with personality research in leadership?

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