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Sherrah Adderley Ms. Marjorie Downie Eng 300 October 16, 2012 Should the government invest in solar energy? It is widely believe that solar power is the best viable option to reduce the energy load. However, I do agree that solar power and net metering can significantly reduce our fossil fuel consumption, and provide financial relief to thousands of Bahamians .The average Bahamian spends conservatively nine million dollars per year just to heat our water. Some people may argue that, solar energy is only useful when it is sunny which contributes to high energy cost. Therefore, during the night an expensive piece of solar equipment can be useless. Renewable energy has to e stores somewhere, it is not reliable as fusel fuel and discarded batteries are full of sulfur acid and lead; while fossil fuel is stored chemically in the hydrocarbon molecules However, this cannot go any further of being an immature claim as solar battery charges can help to reduce the effects of this disadvantage. According to Minister Deveaux, it is estimated that The Bahamas spends $9 million a year on heating water. Today, s average solar heater (40) gallon can be purchase for approximately $1,500.00. If portion of this $9million was allocated to purchasing solar water heaters, this will reduce fuel imports (2.2 barrels of oil per year) reduce green gasses (8000 pounds of co2 per heater per year), and it would alleviate significantly cost to the consumer and reduce fossil fuels. Opponents may dispute that Even though, several issues has been raised about the generation of greenhouse gases through the use of fossil fuels, the fact remains that at this point in time, fossil fuels are the single largest source of energy available in the world. Fossil fuel is an exhaustible source of energy. Moreover, Even though eventually a stupendous increase in consumption will diminish the source, currently new means of extraction and new locations for fossil fuel deposits are being…


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