Skin Unknown

Skin Unknown- My last name is K so you write aboutStaphylococcusThe purpose of this activity is to identify one bacterial species from your skin.Describe how you will obtain the culture from your skin, streak a plate for isolation, describe colonies, describe how the Gram stain under the microscope with the help of google images and reference materials available from the web. (1-3 paragraph)Select your skin unknown from the  the table below based on your last name, based on this organisms you will do write up in 5 columns in the next table:Last name A to EStreptococcusLast name F to KStaphylococcusLast name I to PBacillus Species ( Not Anthrax)Last Name Q to ZMicrococcus speciesIdentification Table informationFor each columns below:Describe the colonies using the online descriptive image and  charts  as a reference in your lab lecture and modules.Describe gram stain of each on one slide and record the Gram reaction, morphology, and arrangement.Describe the probable species of each,  Genus and species name must be underlined to receive full credit.Name one skin disease that can be caused by the given bacteria.Title this document and upload as a word document file in the canvas file upload section of this assignment.Use this Table as a your bacteria will look like on Blood agar plate2.describe in detail the colony color of hemolysis. 3.Describe  the Gram Stain Morphology and arrangement. 4.Name two  of Genus  and Species name. 5.Name of Skin disease it can cause and treatment options

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