So as we’ve discussed in this week’s podcast, there are numerous ways to give a technical descri

So as we’ve discussed in this week's podcast, there are numerous ways to give a technical description of your program, from focusing on the classes you take to extolling the real-world experience you get from it. At minimum, your description should contain the following information:

  • Types of courses
  • Projects you will work on
  • Class size
  • Potential jobs after graduation
  • History of the program (if available)
  • Some sort of demographic data (amount of students applying, number of total students in the program, average time to graduation, etc.)


Again, this is minimum! It’s up to you to provide the detail that you see fit: consider this a way to “sell” your program to potential students. What would you focus on that you think would convince them to do what you do?

Minimum word count: 700 words. Submitted via text or pdf (this time).

It is a very basic english wirting class, contact me for more information about this homework, I can provide the course home page and the e-book of this course. 

    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 23/01/2016
    • Budget: $15
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