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I need the five (minimum) page paper and outline, specific requirements are as follows

Online Networking Assignment

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to increase your professional online presence by using Web 2.0 tools to make industry connections online and network in online group settings. Face to face vs. online communication will also be examined.

You will be required to create new or improve existing professional tools. You will write a paper including title page, appendix and bibliography detailing your experiences with the assignment.

Step 1: Determine the online tools you will use to increase your professional presence. You will need a minimum of two social media tools which will not include your eportfolio. I strongly suggest you create and / or improve a LinkedIn account to start.

Step 2: Promote yourself online. You may do this by tweeting 5-6 times / week or more, posting to Instagram daily and updating LinkedIn statuses frequently. Join and participate in at least two LinkedIn groups. If you choose not to join LinkedIn, You will need to find other online groups to participate in. Screen shots of this online activity must be included in an Appendix.

You need to have a minimum of three sources for this paper (other than the textbook). Step 3: Write a five (minimum) page paper detailing your experiences with social media tools as a method of professional promotion. Textual citation and an APA formatted reference list.


Section 1: The first section of the paper will include a description of your online tools and why you feel they were the best tools to promote yourself.

Section 2: The second section of the paper will address the following questions: How did you promote yourself online? Provide specific examples here including tweets and posts. Were you successful in terms of increasing professional contacts and if so, how do you measure that success ? What was your experience with each online tool? Research must be cited here.

Section 3: The third part of the paper will include an overall summary of your online experience and a discussion on how using social media tools for self-promotion can be beneficial to your career (or in some cases not beneficial). Include an examination of the pros and cons of online versus face-to-face networking. Sources must be cited here.

Appendix: Before and After screenshots to show increase in connections (i.e. LinkedIn) and followers (i.e. Twitter) as well as a sample of your activity on the social media sites.

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