Sociology 131 Term Paper topic relating to marriage and family writing homework help

Choose any topic relating to marriage and family. Please get approval from your instructor prior to starting on your paper. 2.Make sure you can find 5-6 peer reviewed journal articles on your topic! 3.You may use other information e.g., magazines, Internet sites in addition to your 5-6 peer reviewed articles. Paper Format: •APA format. (up to 20 points of your grade) •4 to 6 pages typed and double spaced, not including APA formatted cover page and APA formatted reference page. •5-6 citations and references from peer reviewed journals (without these elements you will receive a zero for your paper) •Be sure to check spelling and grammar. (up to 30 points of your grade) •Content up to 50 points of your grade. . Submission Link . Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at, LibreOffice (download free software at, or other per course requirements. Save your file as an .rtf file or .doc to ensure that it can be opened at any computer. Submit your assignment by selecting the title link, browsing to, and attaching your saved file. Make sure to select SUBMIT. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools). . Helpful Resources for Papers/Projects . Here are links to helpful tools that will aid you in your papers and projects. Citation •APA •MLA •Son of Citation Machine Creating PowerPoints •PowerPoints Research •Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library Presentations Options •Prezi Central Texas College Tutoring for Writing •Writing Tutoring Free Software •Microsoft Office 365 . .

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