SOCY300 UMUC American Values Assessment Paper


(1) Reread sociologist Robin Williams’ American values list (see week 1) anda nswer the questions: Do you agree with his list or not? Please be specific in your reasoning as to why his list does and/or does not resonate with you and your values. Finally, are there values in his list that contradict with any of the six characteristics of a democracy listed in Week 1 (see “Characteristics of Democracy” in week 1 resources). Which charactertistics are contradictory and how are they in conflict? Your essay must be 2-3 pages of content double spaced.

Make sure that you construct and present your essay clearly. Please make sure that your essay contains the following components:

(a) Introduction

(b) Claims and Supporting Evidence

(c) Analysis

(d) SUmmary/Conclusions

Note: Please be sureyou include an in-text citation for any sources you use for your paper using APA format.

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