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i need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format

The upper level .05 significance for the Pet Food Association would put the limit at 66.15% (63*.05=3.15; 3.15+63=66.15), while the lower limit of the random sample taken, with the .05 significance, is at 66.5% [70*(-.05)=-3.5; 70-3.5=66.5]. The difference is that of .35%. The data then would disagree, and not reflect, a small amount with this level of significance. A reason that the difference between these two could be that there is a slightly higher concentration of dog owners in the San Francisco area compared to the nation. Demographics, here, of the San Francisco sampling area could also be taken accounted for alongside the distance of the housing to that of the entire nation. The AVMA has a pet ownership calculator, but it has a few directives when factoring in the outputted total. “To use the formulas below you need to know the total number of households in the community in which you are estimating” (AVMA). Therefore, its noted that aggregate data is different than specific and local data. It could also be a distribution effect as well, as a census study showed differences between “Conway-Maxwell-Poisson and gamma count distributions over the Poisson and negative-binomial models” (Barakat, B., 2017, p. 756).

When looking at a margin of error, or levels of significance, within the bible we must realize that there are days and years that tend to be prophesied. Exact hours and minutes are not found, other than in the prophecies of Christ.

Considering a less distinct prophecy to Christ’s, is that of Cyrus freeing the Jews in the Old Testament. The prophet Isaiah, around 760-700 BC, predicted this to-be king’s reign at the end of chapter 44 on into chapter 45 (BibleGateway). It is significant because, the prophecy came to fruition around 538 BC, seen in 2 Chronicles 36:22,23 and the first chapter of Ezra. These different books in the bible pertaining to the prophecy relates to the material concept of sampling, specifically cluster sampling; and if further information was included a significance measurement could be calculated.

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