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According to (“Elder abuse has been defined as `a single or repeated act, or lack or appropriate action, occurring in any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person.” Sometimes a single act alone is more of an abuse than a repeated act; I have seen it on numerous occasions. My last job a coworker of mines got tired of having to get up to watch the resident to make sure he doesn’t fall. She decided to tie him down to a chair with bed sheets. I understand that she didn’t want him to get up and fall but that act can’t be justified. It’s heart breaking to witness these events but so many of them are well known. Knowing that the elderly has fragile skin, she could have bruise that resident or worst. Doing that also break the trust between care giver and the patient because now he didn’t want to be touch at all. As citizen’s people put their family in a home whether Assist Living or Nursing Home to be taken care of well because they can’t do it alone themselves. That being a physical abuse can really put a distress on the patient/resident mentally; they can have loss of appetite, loss of interest in activities and want to be isolated. In most cases elderly abuse that happen repeatedly are done by the same person. In working with the elderly we are trained to handle a lot of situations to avoid abuse.


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A type of mistreatment is Financial. According to ( “We analyzed episodes of financial mistreatment perpetrated by family”. Working in an Assist Living I see so many on that. A lot of the residents always put up a fight with the staff when their family member(s) come and drop them off there. Some fear they won’t see their love ones again or to be independent anymore. I encounter a situation where the company I worked for had to go to court because one of the resident daughter have stopped paid her mom’s rent. The rent was $6000 a month, she had to paid that because she was on a memory unit. The rent was unpaid for six months. The resident supplies were all ran out. She had no soap/body wash, no toothpaste, no lotion, shampoo; her clothes were getting tight on her because she had gain weight. So many times family member/friends that are appointed the attorney of an elderly person just want the money. They will make it seems like they want what’s best for the person and then take the money and run. Some try to have the elder change their will so they can be there sole benefiter. Usually in most cases and we see this happen the state step in and takes over as the appointed attorney for that individual.


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Steriod Use In The NFL
Steriod use in sports has become such a big problem in professional sports for years. Many big names in sports have been caught for the use pf these performing enhancing drugs. The league calls it “doping”. Ray Lewis’s non-scandal showed that performance-enhancing drugs may be widespread in pro football, but the nature of the game means that fans worry less about it than they do in baseball(Barra writes about sports for the Wall Street Journal 2015). In my opinion doping should be the least of the major league sports concern. I know there’re plenty of athletes being caught for major crimes and doping isnt as nearly as serious, Rape charges, murder charges, fights, domestic violence, disrespectful acts during games. It’s a lot more going on that ownwers should draw their attention towards. Yes steriods and other performance enhancing drugs are bad but think about how long players have been doing it and think about all the great players who do it that are super good and bring in lots of revenue. The reason why the NFL’s drug testing policy doesn’t work might have been revealed five years before the Union-Tribune report in a 2003 book by football writer Mike Freeman, Bloody Sundays: Inside the Dazzling, Rough-and-Tumble World of the NFL. In 1999, reported Freeman, the NFL players had a meeting in Hawaii. Seeming to forget that the meeting was being recorded, one union official told player reps that several players had failed their drug tests but would not be punished because of “a secret agreement” between the league and the union not to enforce rules on drug use until a new policy, which was already in the works, was established (Barra writes about sports for the Wall Street Journal 2015). Neither players nor owners, it seems, wanted the bad publicity. Such cozy relations between labor and management on potentially destructive drug use causes one to wonder if both sides still believe a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” attitude towards drugs to be in their best interests. If so, the apathy of the union and the owners seems to have anesthetized the fans to the dangers of widespread PED use. I just think it’s a bad move on the leagues behave to waste time, energy, and their brands on putting out which players are using PEDs and who isn’t im sure there have been plenty but just werent caught.

Cited: Allen Barra writes about sports for the Wall Street Journal and His next book is Mickey and Willie–The Parallel Lives of Baseball’s Golden Age.

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