Steve Jobs, management homework help

My Chosen leader is Steve Jobs

III. Organizational Culture

A.Analyze the evidence of personal, political, and positional power in the leadership style and background of your selected leader

B.. B. Assess how the leader structured organizational culture using personal, political, and positional power. Consider questions such as these in your response: How did the leader involve employees in the organizational culture? Was there a focus on employee engagement to retain top talent?

C. C. How did the leader’s use of power as a tool effect change in the organization?

IV. Problem-Solving

A. Based on the results of your professional self-assessment, what skills, abilities, and knowledge related to problem-solving and decision-making do you possess?

B. Analyze the leader’s problem-solving and decision-making skills and abilities. Support your analysis with the tools, methods, or strategies he or she used to solve problems and make decisions

C. What tools, methods, or strategies for problem-solving and decision-making does your leader use that you want to emulate? What tools, methods, or strategies for problem-solving does your leader use that you would like to avoid? Explain your response.

My top five Strength


You took the assessment. Now, learn your strengths by reviewing your Clifton StrengthsFinder results. And read your personalized Strengths Insights, which explain the unique ways you experience your strengths every day and how your strengths influence one another.


1 Strategic

2 Responsibility

3 Includer

4 Learner

5 Restorative

PS: APA format includes citation

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