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Unit 2 (steps 4–5) paper should be 3–5 pages in length, not including the cover sheet, the references and appendices. Units 1 and 2 both are included in the Unit 2 deliverable. This combined paper should be 6–10 pages, exclusive of the cover sheet, references and appendices. The content pages include all of the Unit 1 pages as well as the discussion of your personal strategy and strategy formulation process, your strategy implementation tactics and the measures you will use to evaluate your progress in meeting your personal strategic plan objectives.

Paper format: Your papers must be written in APA format and include at least three scholarly references, in addition to your textbooks and the QuickMBA web site Separate each section of the paper using an APA heading or subheading, as appropriate. The written portion of the paper should contain your mission and vision statements as well as a summary of each of the other sections of the planning process indicated below. The complete paper must include (in this order): title page, table of contents, abstract page, content pages, references page, and appendix pages. Be sure your paper is well written and free of grammatical errors.

*****Step 4

In this step, you formulate your personalized broad strategy, using the concepts in the course texts. Your strategy should focus on your personal Strategy Canvas that separates you from your competitors (people you believe will be competing for the same job.) Think of how you will create value by making it more advantageous to employ or contract with you. Ideally, you provide more value than just being inexpensive. Refer to Figure 1–3, p. 18 in Blue Ocean Strategy for guidance on how to create your own personal Blue Ocean Strategy. See DocSharing for the Strategy Canvas template. Please choose no fewer than six areas in which you will be compared to your colleagues. Those will be the measures on your Strategy Canvas. Examples can include pay, willingness to relocate, etc.

In developing your personal Four Actions Framework, think about what things you are doing now that can be lessened in some way (Reduced); new capabilities you want to develop (Create); your capabilities that need no further development effort (Eliminate); and your capabilities that need improvement (Raise). I have attached the document to this post.

With your personal Strategy Canvas and Four Actions Framework in hand, identify specific objectives you will need to accomplish in order to implement your strategy. Your completed Strategy Canvas and Four Actions Framework templates must be included in your paper’s Appendix, and you must discuss your findings in the body of your paper. Also, be sure to cite and reference the Strategy Canvas and ERRC.

Step 5

In this step, you develop the specific actions that will lead to the accomplishment of your objectives. Each action should include four key elements:

1. What specific actions will you take to achieve each objective?

2. When must each action be completed to achieve the objective?

3. What measure (metric) will you use to measure your success in completing each action?

4. What level of the metric will you accept as indicative of successful accomplishment? In other words, what does success look like?

This portion of your personal strategy is essential. The failure of organizations to align their actions to their strategic plans is a primary reason why strategies fail. You need a clear line of sight from your vision, mission and objectives to your actions. Actions and objectives that do not support the specified strategy must be modified or replaced. See DocSharing for a modified Balanced Scorecard template. Your completed modified Balance Scorecard template must be included in your paper’s Appendix section, and you must discuss your findings in the body of your paper.

Final reminder: ***Units 1 and 2 Assignments are designed to develop a personal strategic plan. This Assignment is not meant for doing a business strategic plan, even if it is your own company. The papers are intended to guide students through developing a life plan, applying to both personal and professional strategies

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

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