Strategic Planning and Decision Making, Management Exam help

MNGT 2310 Quiz # 2 Chapters 5 – 8

October 26,, 2016

Answer 1 of the 2 questions for EACH chapter. Each question is worth a maximum of 25 points.

Submit your answers via Blackboard.

Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and Decision Making

a. In the context of a SWOT analysis, describe at least 5 elements of an environmental analysis.


b.To be effective, goals should have certain qualities, which can be recalled through the use of the acronym SMART. List and describe each of these characteristics, and state why they are important.

Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship

a. What are some of the reasons people become entrepreneurs? List 4` Examples?


c.Describe some of the characteristics that make a person more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Chapter 7: Organizing for Action

a.Compare and contrast centralized versus decentralized leadership. What are strengths and potential weaknesses of each.Provide an example of a company for both.


b.What is the difference between responsibility, authority, and accountability? How can clearly defining them to the workforce increase employee engagement?

Chapter 8: Managing Human Resources

a.A fashion design firm is considering opening a branch office in Beijing, China, how can HR add STRATEGIC value to the organization? List at least 4 examples of services or activities that HR can provide to be seen as a Strategic Partner.


b.Diversity in the workplace is both morally and financially the right thing to do. How does Diversity benefit an organization? Discuss at least 4 benefits that Diversity provides to an organization, and why it is a business benefit.

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