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Business Proposal Presentation (THIS IS A Power Point ONLY) In these difficult economic times, your software company realizes that motivated employees are key to the company’s long-term success. However, significant monetary incentives are not practical at this time. Research has shown a combination of factors contribute to motivating quality employees. Your presentation answers these questions: How does one motivate employees? What are other companies doing to motivate employees? Is it possible without direct monetary incentives? Based on a review of the relevant literature and an analysis of what other companies are doing, prepare a Business Presentation discussing your employee motivation recommendations to Magnolia Software’s senior leadership team. The business presentation is a record of research. This presentation draws conclusions based on the research, and offers logical recommendations to solve the problem, situation, or need. Within your business presentation you will introduce the strategic issue faced by the organization, summarize the key facts of the strategic dilemma, share research findings (reasons for lack of motivation, consequences, techniques or strategies to motivate employees and benefits of motivating employees), Summarize your findings and share your recommendations. A reference page should be at the end of the presentation. The proposal presentation is not only an opportunity to summarize the research and recommendations for the senior leadership team, but also an opportunity for the presenter to shine personally and professionally. Being creative in presenting information can be key in setting a presentation apart. Must be minimum of 15 slides

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