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The Week 1 Assignment – Prokaryotes in Society Website Recommendation Blogis worth a potential total maximum of 100 points and there are two components: (1)Part 1: your initial blog post, 150 words minimum, discussing a credible and reliable, scientific website (10 points maximum) that augments what you have already learned about that specific prokaryotic species. The initial blog post will be scored on topic (10 points), grammar and spelling (10 points), content and discussion of the prokaryotic species (45 points maximum), submitted on a different day than Part 2 (5 points) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 150 words (5 points) (2)Part 2: response blog post to a fellow classmate and it will be scored on grammar and spelling (2.5 points), content and discussion of what was learned about the specific prokaryotic species from the blog post and resource (15 points maximum) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 100 words (2.5 points maximum)Alexis Jackson-Potts  at Tuesday, March 9, 2021 12:47:16 PMCampylobacter is a prokaryotic organism that has a huge role in society when it comes to diarrheal illnesses (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Campylobacter is very common in the United States and easy to contract if not handled properly. It is a known bacterium that is foodborne and causes health concerns. It is contracted from uncooked meat, eggs, seafood, and anything that is cross-contaminated (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). As little as the touch of a hand from raw meat to touching vegetables can cause the infectious bacteria to form. Individuals with diarrheal illness typically have diarrhea that may contain bloody stool (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). They also will have fevers, abdominal cramping, and nausea and vomiting. Campylobacter bacteria can be found in the organs of an animal, such as the intestines and liver, and can be transferred to other parts of the animal when it is being butchered (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The organism plays a major role in the ecosystem by multiply inside warm-blooded living creatures (Whiley, H., Van den Akker, B., Giglio, S., & Bentham, R.).Learning about this organism identifies eating or handling raw or undercooked meat can serve as a major risk for forming campylobacteriosis in humans. It is interesting to view how easy it is to catch an illness just by a single touch.Word Count: 226

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