Su Dongpo, also know as Sushi Read about Su Dongpo, also know as Sushi. Then describe a modern,…

Su Dongpo, also know as Sushi

Read about Su Dongpo, also know as Sushi. Then describe a modern, real-world example of how the power of stories and storytelling has resulted in social, cultural, or political change. This could be the result of a news story or popular book, song, photograph, movie, television show, or a story from another medium. Your example must be about change in the real world, such as the example of Su Dongpo. Your example may not be  about change in a fictional world.

No more than 20% should match something already in the TurnItIn database. The assignment is expected to be typed in English, in a 12-point font, double-spaced, at least 300 words long, and free of errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Students are expected to present a clear thesis and to construct valid, logical arguments with supporting evidence in responding to the question. Most of the assignment should be written by the student, not just quoting sources. Every written assignment is expected to be original work that the student personally researched and wrote for this course.


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Since time immemorial human beings have used story-telling as a tool to influence the thoughts of the targeted audience and consequently the actions of such targeted audience. The effect of stories that has an impact on human beings’ behavior cannot be told sufficiently (Raz, 2004). In the current world, published stories on books have had a lot of impact on the audience’s behavior. One of such books is Steve Harvey’s Act like a Lady, Think like a Man. This book received a lot of attention…..


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