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Deconstructing Lesson Plans

The teacher will explain what story telling is and will explain the different types of stories that could be told, but goes into real-life stories in detail so the students understand what is expected from the lesson. The teacher will also go over the Key Vocabulary she plans for them to use in their story; setting, time, place, mood, theme, narrator, and author. The students should have great knowledge of these terms so they will be much easier for the students to utilize. This will help cover all of the various levels of language within the classroom without potentially harming any student’s grade.

The motivated will begin with the teacher building the background and saying her story first so the class will have a perfect example to follow or learn from. The students will be instructed that they are not allowed to use “once upon a time” to start out a story since they are to be real-life instead of ferry tail themed. Since the teacher tells her story the students will become eager and motivated to tell their own story. This becomes an ice breaker to the lesson and makes it easier to teach and also gains control and attention of all students.

Students learn from listening to each other’s stories and how the students construct their stories. Listening to other students use the same vocabulary words in different contexts helps the lower level ELL students build better vocabulary skills and deepens knowledge since it has become applied knowledge. The students will also learn by making their own mistakes and being required to fix them before proceeding with the next story.The students will take turns passing around the talking stick, one at a time, and telling a short real-life story. The story has to be something that really happened to them or someone else.

As the students finish their stories the teacher will respond to them with questions in order to help deepen the meaning of their stories and to help them better understand vocabulary usage. If a student seems to be struggling the teacher will personally help them build a great story as everyone else writes.The students will be asked to take out a piece of paper and pencil after the story telling sharing session and begin to write the same story they had just told, but are encouraged to add details to deepen the understanding of the lesson.

Story telling is all about the details and as much verb usage as possible to help describe everything just as it was. Students will be tested on using each key vocabulary word correctly (2 points each) for a total of 10 points; students that score 8 or more points have passed the objective. The second of the grading is done the next day after students review their grades and remarks from this lesson and they retell their story aloud as the teacher grades for proper usage of key terms; again 10 points total, but 8 passes.

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