SWOT analysis, business and finance homework help

Section 1

Starting the Year

As part of the career development process you need to be aware of your

strengths and weaknesses. From BFO0221 in year 1 find your personal SWOT

analysis. Then complete a new SWOT analysis and compare your

development during the first year at university. Discuss your SWOT and

your personal development plans for the course. The discussion should be

a minimum of one page.

If you are joining the course in year 2 construct a SWOT and discuss the personal development plans for the course.

My SWOT is:


– Research

– Networking

– Work collaboratively

– Good work relationship


– Innovation, creativity and enterprise.

– Numeracy

– Commercial acumen


– Problem solving and critical analysis

– Critical thinking

– Communication and listening

– Emotional intelligence


– People management

– Range of cultures

– Articulate information

– Self-reflection

– Self-management

Note:I don’t have previous SWOT so make a fake SWOT then compare it with this

one and show that i have been evolved and became better than before.

(2 pages)

Section 2

Prospects and Job Search Engine

Using www.prospects.ac.uk

create an account and use the Career Planner section to identify

careers that suit your skill set and motivations. Then using the Job

Search Engine, Prospects and any other suitable source answer the

following questions.

What is the career?

Why does this career appeal to you?

What are the entry requirements to enter this career?

Will you need to take any further qualifications?

How do you progress in a career in this industry?

From the job search engine identify two job that are currently being advertised and the requirements for each role.

You can use printouts and screen shots to support this section. You

should answer the questions in full and explain your answers.

Note: The below link has the job i choose

( https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/equality-and-diversity-officer#/top ).

(6 pages)

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