Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer Presentation

Informative Self Assessment

One of the best ways to learn public speaking is to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. IMMEDIATELY after presenting, you must self assess. For this assessment, you assess your speech by writing a brief informal (no thesis) essay.

You should watch your video recording to assess your presentation.

A header (MLA style) is required.

Examples: Singer Michael Jackson: Youth, Career and Death; Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, and a Celebrity who has survived breast cancer; Paris: The Eiffel Tower, The Moulin Rouge, The Louvre.

1. Introduction: Identify the general and specific purposes of your speech and summarize your topic with a thesis.

Examples: The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about the late pop singer Michael Jackson. I covered his youth, his career with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist, and his death in 2009; The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about breast cancer. I covered the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer and identified a celebrity who suffered from the disease; The purpose of my speech is to inform my audience about three landmarks in Paris, France. I covered the Eiffel Tower, The Moulin Rouge Theatre and the Louvre Museum in Paris.”

2. Body:

How did you open with impact?

Example: Explain the statistic and/or story about your topic. “According to ABC source, this musician earned a record number of Grammy Awards and had 10 #1 Billboard pop hits from childhood to his final years as a solo artist.

What did you say to connect your topic with your audience?

Example: Did you ask your audience a question about your topic and allow them to answer it? What question?

Was your thesis (3-4 main points) stated clearly?

Explain why yes or why no if you forgot your thesis statement in your nervousness.

Were transitions used between main points?

Did you use one-word, phrase, sentence or question and answer transitions; or did you forget transitions?

Did you provide ample support for main points? List the database sources used for the spoken part of your speech by publication name.

Did you restate your main points in the conclusion? Yes or no.

How did you close with impact? Did you provide another statistic or some surprising fact about your topic to close?

3. Watch your video. Identify what you believe to be your speaker strengths.

4. Watch your video. Identify your presentation weaknesses.

5. Conclusion: State how effective you believe your speech was and how you will address weaknesses.

Example: I believe my speech effectively explored the life of Michael Jackson. I believe I could have done a better job on my weaknesses and will work on those in future speaking opportunities.

DO NOT COPY the above examples word for word. That is plagiarism. Write your own using your own words.

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