Taylor purchases items such as: clothing, grooming products, drinks and membership at a local golf course, assignment help


Select the single best answer.

1. Taylor purchases items such as: clothing, grooming products, drinks and membership at a local golf course. She feels a great need for friendship, love, and acceptance of others. What advertisement would work best to fill Taylor’s needs? 

a. An advertisement for a new type of breakfast cereal that has the tagline, “eat and be healthy each day.” 

b. An advertisement for a new car with the tagline, “You can really go places in name of the car.” 

c. An advertisement for a new type of perfume with the tagline, “Everyone loves the smell of a name of a perfume woman.” 

d. An advertisement for a smoke detector with the tagline, “Safety is our top priority.”

2. Jerry is gathering information about her classmates for vendors who want to sponsor booths at their upcoming carnival. She is being asked to find out how they spend their leisure time, how they spend their discretionary income, what they have recently purchased. What type of information is Jerry being asked to gather? 

a. Personal information 

b. Lifestyle information

c.  Personality information 

d. Second-source information 

3. Rob is a new marketing executive. He wants to convince his boss that their company needs to set up a website. The website would provide consumers with important product information, testimonies, a place to sign-up for additional information and a product sample. Rob’s boss feels that firm already communicates with their customers through the brochures and the sales representatives. Rob demonstrates his belief in what type of communication?

a. The traditional model 

b. Business-to-business 

c. Interactive communication model 

d. Central control model 

4. Julia wants to buy a new computer for her home office. She is considering three different brands. Since she is having a difficult time making a decision, she lists the attributes that she would like to have in a computer, and uses the list to rank each computer. She intends to purchase the product that receives her highest ranking. Julia has adopted a(n) __________ to aid in her decision.

a.  simple additive rule process model

b. noncompensatory decision rule model 

c. elimination–by-aspects rule model

d. conjunctive rule model 

5. Joe meets with his financial investment group once a month. They discuss personal and national finance issues. They also discuss other issues as they arise. Joe refers to them as his “dream team” because he admires the support that he receives. Joe admits that this group has influenced many or his decisions, from what car to buy to what month would be the best month to propose to his fiancé. What would marketers say this group represents to Joe? 

a. A financial outlet 

b. A reference group

c.  A standards group 

d. A social stress group 

6. Several factors are present to assist someone in the process of acculturation. Which one of these statements highlights a factor that determines a speedy acculturation of a person from his or her original culture to the immigrated culture?

a. Recency of arrival of the immigrant to the new culture 

b. Withholding translation services to the immigrant

c.  Segregation of the immigrant from the new culture 

d. Resistance of the immigrant to participate events of the new culture 

7. There are key values that are relevant to older consumers. One value is to lead active lives and to be self-sufficient. Another value is to give something back to the world. Jim and Carla invite the teenagers in their neighborhood to have lemonade on their porch. Jim likes to strike up conversations with his young guests. He enjoys giving them words of advice. This scenario demonstrates the third value that older consumers’ hold, which is to: 

a. tell stories of their lives. 

b. provide the younger generation with what their basic needs. 

c. share a connectedness with friends and family. 

d.show younger people that not all older people are unfriendly to young people

8. John plays his NASCAR video game and is able to choose the sponsors for his racing team. Even though this is a game, the advertising is actually an example of the use of: 

a. product overexposure

b. reality engineering

c. temporal sampling

d. product trainability

9. Technical communication skills are: 

a. important primarily in the Information Technology sector

b. increasingly critical to success in most business-related  jobs

c. utilized by indiividual employees, not work teams

d. independent of ethical concerns

10. In evaluating the accuracy of source information, be aware that:

a. printed sources are consistently reliable

b. digital sources should not be used in research

c. even reputable information sources may contain hidden agendas

d. you can trust only independently funded, noncommercial sources.

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