Tesla Elon Musk Biography Reflection

Have an introduction, discussion of the book, and clear conclusion (although these don’t

have to be broken into explicit sections – you can write this like an essay). Include:

(1) The title and author of the book you are reviewing

(2) Introduce the person you are reviewing, their accomplishments, background, etc.

(3) What are they mainly known for, how did they attain notoriety?

(4) Your evaluation of the products or services they provide or are known for. Is this an important

commodity? Does it benefit humanity or is it just a toy?

(5) Your evaluation of the author’s interpretation of his or her success in the industry

(6) Comparison with other sources if appropriate

(7) Your conclusions about the book

(8) You can rate the book with a number of stars out of 5 possible if you’d like, but this isn’t


Be sure to put any quotes from the book in quotation marks and to cite any sources used.


2-3 Pages Double Spaced 12pt ft Times New Roman 1 inch margins.

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