The Annotated Bibliography is designed to introduce you to MLA/APA/CSE Works Cited format and… 1 answer below »

2767 Comp 2 Terrance Wedin WP#2: Annotated Bibliography Purpose/Objective: The Annotated Bibliography is designed to introduce you to MLA/APA/CSE Works Cited format and to give you the opportunity to read and familiarize yourself with various secondary sources before you put it all together in your Analytical Research Paper. You will be citing and annotating sources that relate to your selected science and/or technology topic. The annotations should provide you with the general information about the sources you’ve chosen, why they are credible, and how they will help you with your paper research. Below you will find a list of criteria to follow for completing the assignment. Be sure to follow the directions outlined carefully. Form: -Length: Each annotation should be a minimum of 200 words. -Format: Single-spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman Grading Criteria: 1. You will find four sources that are timely, useful, credible, and relevant to your primary source/topic. 2. At least one of your sources should be from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, or physical book. 3. You will correctly use MLA/APA/CSE Works Cited list format (Depending on Requirement) 4. You will establish the credibility/reliability of the author/publication 5. You will analyze and summarize the source, making sure to provide a detailed description of the central arguments/points talked about in your source. 6. You will evaluate the source and give a detailed description of the sources’ relevance to your argument and topic and how you might use it in your paper.


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