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Need discussion reply for each LA with about a 100-120 word reply


You are an incumbent prime contractor on a service contract that you have held for many years. Consequently, you labor costs and fringe benefits have grown “fat” and you are worried that a competitor will come in and underbid your costs and steal the program from you. What are some options that are available to you? Are there any defensive actions you can take?


You should stop paying out fringe benefits in cash. These benefits are subject to employment taxes and cost between 17 & 25 cents per dollar. This can lower your profit margin and force you to make less profit or increase prices.

You can contribute to medical benefits or 401K plans that would eliminate the tax burden on that money. You can try to trim down your expenses to keep the costs of the contract as low as possible.…

LA 2

You are a contractor with a contract that requires you to provide “staff augmentation” support at a local USMC base (i.e., your employee will be on base, working together with DoD civilian and military personnel). One of your best employees is obese. The local Marines, all buff and in tip-top shape, chafe at the presence of your overweight and out of shape employee and demand that you “fire them” or you they will terminate your contract. What should you do?


A discussion would be had to determine first, if there is a performance issue that would warrant firing the employee. The discussion would also include a reminder of discrimination, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations that are enforced by the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

According to an article by HR Hero, discrimination “for the purposes of employment law, is any workplace action such as hiring, firing, demoting and promoting based on a prejudice of some kind that results in the unfair treatment of employees…”. (HR Hero).

resource: HR Hero. (n.d.). Workplace Discrimination Employment Laws|HR Topics for Human Resources. Retrieved December 7, 2016, from Discrimination in the Workplace:

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