The Difference Between Andragogy and Pedagogy Tutor Training

for this assignment follow the instructions and answer the questions : Should be at least 6 pages

  1. Define the difference between andragogy and pedagogy. Why is this an important tutor-training topic?
  2. What are the possible implications of hiring an “at-risk” student as a tutor — a student who excels in one class, but is failing all others? Is there a benefit to this strategy? To the tutor? To students? To the program? To the institution?
  3. List three reasons why rewards do not work to improve student success.
  4. Do tutors experience these same emotional states as students experience?As a trainer, how can you bring the tutorial team to a better state?
  5. Create a brain-based tutor training activity on the subject of how students learn. You must include props.
  6. What do you see as the biggest current challenge to your tutorial team? Who is the clear team leader?
  7. What are the five reasons why people fail?
  8. What are the five reasons why teams fail?
  9. Define “jamming.” Have you experienced “jamming” within your team? Describe the situation and how you disarmed the “jammer.”
  10. Create a case study for the topic of negotiation.With whom were you negotiating? List 3 key pieces of background information regarding this negotiation. Was this negotiation challenging for you? Why? Why not? What was the outcome? Did the negotiation affect the relationship?
  11. Create a tutor training activity surrounding the topic of negotiation.
  12. Of all the topics that you have covered (discovered) during these trainings, what topic do you feel will be the most challenging to present to your team? Why?
  13. How will you preload for that challenge?
  14. How will you ensure academic rigor during tutor trainings?
  15. Who will you be as a trainer? How will you know if you are successful?

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