the health of women worldwide week 3 discussion 4 help

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Regardless of how easy it is to immediately determine the cause of the disaster, what is the person’s first reaction? Does he or she see the blame for the disaster as being human, as being natural, or as being related to God? This blame can be seen in the statements and questions that go through the person’s head-both immediately and as a better understanding is sought. This reveals significant information about the person’s spirituality. 

This cause that it “blamed” for the disaster speaks to the belief structure that the person views the world through. It determines how he or she has been viewing established meaning. It also speaks to how the person perceives community, as well as how participation in community should be and how it is influenced. 

When God is the focus of the blame, there are a number of ways this can manifest. From listening to the way the individual describes God’s role in the world and God’s relationship to human beings, significant elements of the individual’s spirituality can be discovered (Smith, 2013). 

A community nurse can assist in the spiritual care by consoling the victims by listening to them and comforting them. Establishing a trusting relationship with them will help for them to open up express their concerns, also they will feel safe and secure with the nurse. The nurse can instill faith and hope in the victims and assist with basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  If the victims need additional help the nurse can provide them with resources to get in contact with.

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