The Human Reproductive System

Instructions:Compose a reflective essay about the importance of the reproductive system in the human being, which must address at least the following topics:1. Provide a succinct description of the primary and secondary sex organs in the female and male geniitourinary tracts.2. Key similarities in the reproductive cells (gonads) in males and females, as well as differences in terms of size, location, response to hormones, and sexual chromosomes.3. Explain which of the male and female external genitalia are homologous to each other.4. Finally, briefly describe one pathological condition (disease) affecting the female reproductive system, and another one involving the male reproductive system.Formatting:1. Be sure to include at least 2-3 bibliographic references which must follow the APA style for in-text citation and list of references at the end. References must be properly cited in the text. Avoid using commercial or unverified sources such as Wikipedia.2. Prepare the essay as a Word document that includes between 350 and 500 words formatted at double space, using a Times New Roman 12 size font, and 1″ margins throughout.

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