The Novels Kite Runner and a Complicated Kindness Discussion

Task 1 : Reader Response journal

  1. Write three reader response journal entries for each novel
  2. Create a character development chart for one character in each of the two novels you read

Decide which novel you will read first. Divide your novel into three equal parts based on the number of pages there are in the book. At the end of each of the three sections, stop reading and write one of your response journal entries and add more information to the character development chart. Both processes are explained next. Then you will repeat the process for the second novel…divide it into three equal parts, stop at the end of each part, write a reader response journal entry, and add to your character development chart. As you read it is imperative that you make annotations or notes as you go.

While you read you will write notes about four things:

  • Characters (traits or qualities, important things they think or say or do)
  • Bias (How do the characters show their own bias toward others?)
  • Style (literary devices that the author uses)
  • Questions (What are you wondering about what is happening in the book?)

You might decide to use a short-form system so you don’t have to keep writing out the full word for each of these four things, such as using a “C” for the full word “character,” when you want to make a character annotation. For example, when you read an important passage in the book where one of the qualities of a character is being revealed you’d write something like this:

C: Ali’s stubbornness is revealed.

B: John seems to have a real hatred for the people on the other side of the river. (i have attached some instructions)

Task 2 : Character Development Chart

In this you will begin to think about how the shape of a character is revealed through the telling of their story and vice-versa: how the act of telling the story shapes the character.

As you read your two novels , after each section, you will stop to write a reader response journal entry and you will make point-form observations on the character chart (attached.)

Not all aspects will be applicable in each section of your novel, so you may have some parts of the chart empty. By the time you are finished reading the two novels you will have one completed character chart for each novel.
(I have attached an example of how the character development chart should look like)

TASK 3 : Reading experience
Your goal in this task is to demonstrate your ability to clearly communicate your ideas and opinions, both about the two novels you have read. You’re going to write a one-to-two page response.

1: Which of the novels had a better ending? Why? Defend your choice in a clear one- to two-page response applying the four elements of good endings. Write one paragraph for each element and explain which ending used that element more effectively. Be sure to be specific in defending your thoughts.

2: Then identify how well you did reading these novels. Was it a pleasant experience/a struggle? Did you understand the novels? Would you recommend either book to another reader?

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I should get 3 documents back, one for each task. Thank You.

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