The Yellow Wallpaper English homework help

I would like a Analysis of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

   Write a well examined 3-4 page paper on the short story, The Yellow Wall Paper.” 

– Introduce the author and title of the short story with the first two sentences.

– Present the central idea and conflict with a dialectic (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis). Write the dialectic in one sentence (preferably the last sentence of the introductory paragraph**underline it please**).

The Analysis should encompass the following (please use sub headings):

1.  Introduction: (dialectic)

2.  Ambiguity: (What is not clear?)

3.  Strength: (What you enjoyed?)

4.  Weakness:  (What you did not like?)

5. Conclusion:  (Your personal overall thought (in your opinion) or the story, and how it relates to life?)

  Do not use outside material -allow your own voice, interpretation, and critical evaluation to resonate.  

-M.L.A. format / double spaced / page numbering / courier new / 13 pitch font

Thank you. 

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