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Match the theatre term with its description:

A. Skene B. Ritual C. Hubris

D. Noh E. Thespis F. Antagonist

G. Satyr Play H. Tragedy I. Slapstick

14. ______ Type of Greek theatre that deals with the conflict of Man with the Gods.

15. Marriage would be an example of a legal and/or religious _________.

16. _______ Widely acknowledged as the first actor.

17. _______ Comic weapon carried by Harliquino in Commedia Dell’Arte.

18. ________ An example of non-western theatre tradition.

A. Flat B. Apron C. Scumbling

D. Arena E. Vomitory F. Wings

G. Muslin H. Strike I. IATSE

19. ________ A hard or soft unit used to simulate a wall.

20. ________ Style of theatre also referred to as “in the round.”

21. ________ Area of the backstage found behind the proscenium walls.

22. ________ Professional union of stagehands.

23. ________ Fabric used for scenic painting and for costume mockups

24. _________ A painting technique, which yields areas of color, blended at the edges.


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