thesis is in health care management…………………

The thesis is in health care management, I have to keep checking with my supervisor in each step like abstract then literature review, what needed is mentioned in theguidelinewords number, the font etc.could you suggest a topic so I can check with my Supervisor

the guidelines in the first attachment.

Document Preview:

Research Topic XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Master in XXXXX Thesis Geneva Business School Master in XXXXXXXX Submitted by: XXXXXXXXXX Geneva, Switzerland Approved on the application of: Dr. XXXXXXXXXX And Dr. XXXXXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXXXXXXX THESIS RULES Observe the rules of correct English grammar and spelling, and use a writing style that is simple, direct and dignified. Slang, contractions and very informal usage are inappropriate. Surround all quotations in quotation marks, and reference their correct sources. Indent and single-space quotations. Avoid long direct quotations. Use abbreviations sparingly, and explain each abbreviation completely the first time it appears. Cite the source of any paraphrased information or ideas to avoid any possible grounds for a charge of plagiarism. The Thesis report should be typewritten in either Times New Roman, Arial, a maximum of font size 12, and single-spaced. A minimum of 25,000 WORDS or a minimum of 50 pages is required and the report must be completed and corrected WITHIN the semester for which the student is registered, i.e. final semester. The annexes, table of contents, appendices, figures, bibliography, and tables etc. are not included in the 25,000 WORDS or minimum 50 pages and must be inserted outside of the 25,000 WORDS or 50-page report. The presentation must last about 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes scheduled for questions from the jury consisting of the supervisor, the academic dean and other invited academic members. The student is eligible to meet the supervisor approximately 2 times during the Thesis period. Declaration of Authorship “I hereby declare: That I have written this work on my own without other people’s help (copy-editing, translation, etc.) and without the use of any aids other than those indicated; That I have mentioned all the sources used and quoted them correctly in accordance with academic quotation rules; That the topic or parts of it are not already the object of any work…


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