This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills ininvestigation IS security, risk… 1 answer below »

Assessment Details:This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills ininvestigation IS security, risk threats andmanagement to an organization. The assessment is also assessing your skills to evaluateriskmanagement techniquesand IS auditing. You are requiredto select an organization that usesinformation systems to perform daily business operations.You have to identify the most valuableassetsfor theorganisations andinvestigate the security threats and mitigation techniques.You havealsotopropose/evaluate the risk management techniques adopted by the selected organization toensure the reliability, confidentiality, availability,andintegrity.You havealso to discuss audit planand processes used by the organization and investigate the impact of human factors on security andrisk management.TaskSpecificationsThis assessment includes two tasks as follows:Task-1:Assume you are working at MBC TV broadcasting organisation. MBC allows theemployeestousetheir own computing devices-such as smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs to work with them anduse them in addition to or instead of organisation-supplied devices. TheMBCorganisation providesinformation systems services to the staff and customers. You have to write a report to answer thefollowings related to the selected organization:1.Mobiledevices are highly vulnerable and can be exposed. Discusstwotypes of threatsagainstmobile devices. Illustrate how these devices are vulnerable to destruction and abuse.2.Propose with justificationtwotypes of securityprotection techniques for mobile devices andhow theycanbe used to mitigate threats.3.Assume theMBCorganizationusedLinux Web Server (Apache)to host the organization website. Discuss how the organization can ensure the availability of theweb serviceusingLinuxwebserver.4.Discuss the impact of employee on information security of theMBCorganization. Providerisk management recommendation to reduce the risk of employeewhen they use mobiledevices for work.5.Linuxserversupported with different tools for auditing.IllustrateLinuxserverauditing toolsand discuss how they can be used by the selected organization tomonitor and analyzing theweb server and email server problems.You may need to make some assumptions withthe required justifications.Please note you have touse Harvard reference style.Task-2:Access control is granting or denying approval to use specific resources. Technical access controlconsists oftechnology restrictions that limit users oncomputers from accessing data.In this task youhave to understandaccesscontrol(ACL)listandfilessystemsecurityusing Linux. You have todemonstrate the way and commands ofcomplete the followings tasksusingLinux:1.Demonstrate the way of creatingtwo directories ‘{StudentID1}’and ‘{StudentID2}undermain directory ‘SBM4304’.Where,StudentID1andStudentID2are the student ID of twostudents.Illustrate the command/s can be used to set full access toSBM4304directory.2.Demonstrate the way of creatingthreeusers;{u1},{u2}and{u3}, whereu1,u2andu3arethe first name of three students.Illustratethe commandsavailable in Linux tocreate directories and users and set and viewtherequiredpermissions.In your report, you have toprovidethe commandsyouneedduring theprocess ofconducting the requirements of Task-2.Submissionyou have to submita report inword formatincludeyouranswer forTask-1 andTask-2.You have toinclude cover page that include your studentID and full name.In completing this assessment successfully, you will be able toinvestigateIS security, risk threats andproposethe suitable security controls, which will help in achieving ULO-1, ULO-2,ULO-3, ULO-4,ULO-5, ULO-6and ULO-7, this in turn will help you in achieving CLO-1, CLO-2, CLO-3,CLO0-4andCLO-9, which collectively with other unit learning outcomes will help in achieving GA-52, GA-10, GA-11andGA-12.

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