This is going to be a short paper for introduction to humanities

From this week’s module topic and reading – The Middle Ages (500 -1500) – and reading, select a work of visual art, architecture, major musical composition, or literary piece created during the period to begin your discussion. After making your selection, please provide the following information in your initial post to identify your work:

• Name of the artist (if known)
• Name or title of the work of art
• The style/movement, or period of time and the date
• The location and cultural origin

How has the study of this artifact you selected helped you to build a stronger understanding of the Middle Ages? How has your study of this artifact contributed to your understanding of the humanities? Also consider some of the relationships you see between the humanities and your personal world, your professional career, or academic plan of study. Finally, as we near the close of the term, what is the value of the humanities to you?

This is extremely important: In your two response posts to your classmates, reflect on their understanding of the artifact they selected to discuss this week as well as their understanding of the humanities. How is it similar to or different from your own?

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