Thnking Skills Discussion Responses to Peers help

TASK: WRITE A SUBSTANTIVE RESPONSE TO THE 2 DISCUSSION POSTS THAT MY CLASSMATES SUBMITTED. In replies to classmates, offer additional proof if such proof can be documented, and comment on your perception of the strength of the evidence.


Recall a specific time when strong feelings interfered with your ability to think critically.

A) How might you prevent your strong feelings from interfering with your critical thinking during times when you would prefer to think critically?
B) What can you do to reduce any negative impact of such feelings? What are ethical decision-making models and how will you use them in your critical thinking?

Remember that critical thinking is not just your opinion; rather, it is a claim, assumption, or fact supported by credible evidence that helps to prove an argument.

Discussion question responses should be at least 200-300 words.

Post 1:

In order to perform fair minded thinking skills you must understand both sides of the equation as well as understand the goals or what the outcome could, should be. If you have no experience in the matters that are being discussed than the other option would be to try and place yourself in the opposite positions of the conversation. Try and understand from both perspectives at hand. This can be challenging if there is no clear perspectives. Asking a lot of questions and identifying what the real issue is and understanding how to resolve it is critical. 

Being in a position of leadership and being able to use fair-minded critical thinking is one of the keys to success. If you are able to understand from the position of an employee and or senior management then convey or adapt to the issues at hand you will go far in the business world. These skill have a lot deeper application than just business. If you are able to put your bias and opinions aside and try to understand others opinions, bias, and or perspectives it can be rather eye opening. This can also create a strong team or work atmosphere. This kind of thinking can really create a ethical environment. With critical fair minded thinking you may still have to make hard decisions that not everyone will agree with, however if you exercise this method of thinking in all that you do you will develop a reputation of fair, equitable, and honest dealings.

One of the ways that you can keep your feelings in check and from causing interference is to simply keep that fact in mind. By knowing that there is a bias or strong feelings as well as your own opinion know that you can have all of these things but to be open minded and try to understand from the others perspective. The safe bet in any dealings is to always adhere to what is right and lawful.  

Post 2:

Everyone has situations that cause you to be judgmental and not be open minded when thinking and coming up with solutions.  Everyone tends to get defensive when the situation is personal or directly involves them.  It takes a lot of patience to step back and look at the big picture instead of just jumping in and thinking you have the right solution.

I had a situation like this about a year ago my 13 year old son came to me and said he wanted to go live with his dad.  I jumped in with the normal response of absolutely not and we yelled and cried and got mad.  Then we decided to sleep on it and readdress it the next day.  Well I again got very defensive and told him it was not happening.  Then after we all calmed down we were able to discuss it.  After figuring out what the problem was and why he wanted to go live there we were able to come up with a solution to the problem and he decided to continue to keep our custody the same as it was and now things are a lot better.

I would say that this situation could have been handled better if I would have let him explain why he wanted to do it and listened to him.  By doing this we could have solved the problem a lot sooner and we would not have to fight and yell.

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