to predict the total number of labor hours, economics assignment help


I have a finished sample of the project and I just another vision of it, which is basically changing the way of sentences.

The project is to analyze two data sets using regression analyze; therefore the charts in the sample would be same for all the problem so you don’t have to worry about this part.

I provided the project question itself, which is “project-fall-2016”, “sample project-stocks” is the sample professor provided (not the same data just an example of how this project looks like), “copy of moving” and “copy of usedcars” are the data sets; “project1” is the finished project, which is also the one I want another vision of.

This may seems like a long project but really you need to do is just change the style of paper and words, and maybe the size and order of charts. The goal is professor can’t tell these two projects are twins.

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