Topic: Where I see me

Topic: Where I see me

Type of paper: Creative writing

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing

Format or citation style: APA


Thesis Statement:
A thesis statement communicates the main idea or central message that a reader can expect from your paper. Please include the thesis statement in the first and/or second sentence.
Literature Search:
Before you start your literature search it is a good idea to spend five minutes thinking about your topic:
What are the key words defining you as a nurse? Are you a health promoter? Are you a nurse leader? What type of leader are you or do you want to be?
-Hardworker, quick learner, and empathy or people person
Are there any alternative words you should use to ensure you don’t miss something relevant?
What words would the researchers in nursing use?
Identify where your time capsule “fits” within the context of searchable topics.
Complete a literature search by finding 2-3 nursing journals that are peer reviewed within the last 5 years (2014-2018) to help support who you are and the path you are headed.
Personal Reflection:
This is your personal reflection (don’t forget you will be writing in first person) of who you are as a nurse and where would you like to see yourself in nursing in 5 years from now and then 10 years from now.
Use week 3 reading from Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and Perspectives chapters 8-11 when choosing your future role. Don’t forget to put this textbook in your reference page.
Discuss how achieving your BSN will help you achieve your future in nursing.
What do you consider to be your strengths in achieving your goals?
Share a personal story that has impacted you and think will help you in becoming a great leader.

Title: Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and Perspectives (7th ed)
Author: Blais, K. K., & Hayes, J. S.

in 3 years, earn ER specialty

in 5 years, Become an NP

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