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Based on material from Chapters 6-8 in Strategic Planning Models for Reverse and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes. Answer one of the below three questions below while keeping LO-9 and LO-10 in mind. Lengthy posts and answers do not correlate to better grades.

LO-9 Explain how managers can use reverse logistics to track and trace goods as returns, recalls, recycling and as waste.

LO-10 Explain how to differentiate the financial impact of reverse logistics from financial components within a business environment.

Pick one question to answer this week:

1) The complexity of reverse logistics programs, particularly within the catalog industry, makes it difficult for partners to understand exactly what the retailer wants in terms of service. In such cases, improved communications within the dyadic relationship could minimize the gap in service quality. Based on your readings, can a standard for Reverse Logistics and business policy reduce organizational costs?

2) Describe the tangible & intangible benefits from Reverse Logistics? Is there more emphasis on Reverse Logistics with the depletion and competitiveness for natural resources? Think beyond recycling, consider upcycling and reusing resources.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 word


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